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Common Questions

Are You Insured?
Yes! A one million dollar liability policy protects you and your event at all times. Our equipment is also covered against theft, loss, fire, etc. Insurance protection is often the most overlooked qualification when looking for a DJ. Don’t just ask your potential DJ if they are insured, demand proof.

Can We Meet With You?
Yes! Both current and potential clients are encouraged to meet with me. I generally meet with you a at location that is convenient for you. 

Do You Offer Planning & Coordination Services?
Yes, we will work together with you designing an entertainment plan perfect for your reception. Acting as your personal Entertainment Coordinator, we will coordinate the events of your reception with the caterer, photographer, videographer and other event professionals to ensure that each detail goes smoothly and as planned. On your wedding day…Details are taken care of. The perfect music is playing. You have the peace of mind to smile, have fun and enjoy your celebration.

Will I Receive A Contract?
Yes! Every client receives a contract. This document details all issues pertaining to your event. It’s a binding agreement protecting both of our interests.

Do you take song request?
Yes! You can browse our extensive online music library and select the perfect songs for your celebration. During the planning process you can build a "Must Play", "Do Not Play" and Play If Possible Lists and of course you can save your list at any time all on-line.


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